IT Managed Services Company Quality Department - Operational Document


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I've been given a task to carve out a separate Quality Department (IT Managed Services company) which will include activities of Quality assurance and Quality Control. I've share first draft of the operational planning document to top management for review by end of next week.
Resources - 3 + 1 Lead

I seek help from any anybody who can share any examples of Quality Department ( typically for Service industry), few inputs on the contents under each categories headings.

1. Purpose
2. Objectives, Targets, KPIs
3. Activities, Responsibilities, tools, resources
* Transactional quality control - service departments
* Audit Services - Internal / External (ISO 9001, et)
* Analysis & Reporting
-- Complaints
-- Churn Data
-- Tickets
-- Calls
4. Improvements Projects
-- Lean 6 sigma
-- QA tools


Agree with randomname to look at the ITIL books and also ISO 20000 which is the IT service management standard. You may these to be more applicable since you are in IT.


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Though we are an IT service type of company we are already certified against ISO 9001:2008 (as the standard states it is applicable to any type of industry).

The intent is to seek help on what goes in the Quality Department high-level document if it is carved out as a separate department. (around 7-8 pages)
Staff heads, managers, users should be able to understand the structure, roles & responsible,services, activities,categories, performance indicators etc...

It's similar to if I ask a sales operational process document.

Can somebody share some example document for a Quality Department irrespective of type industry? Just to get an idea...
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