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From: ISO 9000 Standards Discussion
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 10:23:04 -0500
Subject: Re: Record Falsification For ITS -Intertek /Naish

From: PNaish

I have just read a number of articles that have come out world wide in September and October regarding record falsification and the major lawsuits against Intertek (Richardson, Texas facility) a division of ITS a London based firm.

The case here has not yet been linked to life threatening events or death as there are a number of tests which can not be confirmed for accuracy. In this case we are talking about tests performed for various government and private companies regarding hazardous or contaminated waste. Millions of US dollars from the superfund for clean up of our environment have been funneled through this company who did the "data doctoring".

While this company does not indicate they are ISO 900X registered that I know of, it is interesting they were at least formerly a division of a registrar. Not only were their records "doctored" but calibration and cleanliness of equipment played a big part in the problem.

The articles point to an increasing need for regulatory compliance for undoctored or undue influence on persons who perform tests for other companies. While this may be somewhat different than Firestone or Ford it points to the problem of honesty in testing and reporting data whether we like the results or not. I have found that some auditors who may have been unduly influenced to hurry audits or present incomplete or inaccurate findings to keep clients happy.

If Lloyd's or their auditors were unduly pressured or influenced to cut costs, ignore what they find because the client won't be happy, or for any other reason, then like ITS perhaps there is liability on the part of the registrar or auditors.

Currently there is more focus on false reporting which has come out relating to Firestone as well as Ford. Perhaps all of us can take a timely lesson at ensuring complete and accurate reportings of findings both internal to our own companies but also holding those we hire to perform tests, inspections, analysis, or audits to a higher standard of completeness and accuracy.

I also found out today that a company that performed false calibration for a client is now registered to ISO 17025. It is interesting they passed their audit while having falsified records they provided my client. We stopped using them a year ago when we verified exactly how false the calibration reports were. While they maintained they did not falsify records it was clear they could not have adjusted a piece of equipment without removing the back which would have been entailed removing the equipment (a heavy freezer) from its location and dismantling the back and then adjusting the thermometer inside. However, the company who registered them would have no knowledge of that and would have assumed the company to be Okay. Too bad there is no way for the company doing the registration to find out about the falsification. Even worse is the fact the company is still doing business for other companies who may not realize they are not really performing the services they say they are.

Phyllis Naish

Steven Truchon

I am a bit confused by your post. First, I have not heard of any of the articles you mention. You identified the company as Intertek (ITS) in Richardson, Texas yet you say it was formerly a division of a registrar. Intertek (ITS) is a registrar. It happens to be the one we currently use.

Is this truly a former division of ITS and still uses the corporate name?

Im confused. Please clarify.



Fully vaccinated are you?
This was from a listserve so the author will not see your question here. I really don't have any other info except to say Intertek has many 'divisions' like Perry Johnson. I remember Intertek being 'suspect' in the past but don't remember the details. Perry Johnson has also been under the microscope several times.

The bottom line is if you're OK with Intertek there's no reason to stop using them that I know of. It sounds like only one facility is being looked at.

Steven Truchon

The incident mentioned in the post by Phyllis Naish happened approximately 5 years ago. Immediately following that incident, Intertek closed the violating division which I understand was an environmental test lab facility. The employees who falsified the documents were dealt with according to corporate policy. Intertek apparently has kept this news available to all on their website that pertains to that end of Interteks business.
I am meeting with an account executive from Intertek tomorrow and he will give me info to post related to this incident.

Interesting to note, ITS Intertek (the registrar), has, in their entire time as a registrar, received only three (3) minor nonconformances from RAB audits and they have never suffered a suspension.

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