IVD vs EMC OJ (Official Journal of the European Union) Harmonised Standard Conflicts


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I need some guidance regarding the OJ (Official Journal of the European Union) harmonised standards, the IVD(98/79/EU)directive has EN 61000-3-X and EN 61000-4-X series to an older version whereas the EMC (2014/30/EU) directive EN 61000 -X-X for the latest version , hence there is a conflict between them , so what would be the best way to go forward, we have tested for latest version but the IVD harmonised std is not updated..what would your recommendation be ?


Re: IVD vs EMC OJ Harmonised Standard Conflicts

The 61000 series are the base EMC standards that outline techniques etc.

For the actual test requirements EN 61326-2-6:2006 is listed in the OJ.

And EN 61326-1:2012 gives the general EMC requirements for laboratory equipment.
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