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January 2018 - Forum Software Opinions


Captain Nice
Staff member
It is 2018 and the Elsmar Cove Quality Assurance, Business Systems and Business Standards forum is about to be "transferred" into Xenforo software. I hate to move away from vBulletin, but the time has come. However, if enough people WANT to stay on vBulletin, it is an option.

vBulletin has been very good. Since 2002 when vBulletin was installed on as the forum software, it has never been compromised/hacked in any way.

Unfortunately, Xenforo is much more difficult to "stylize" than vBulletin was so I will be needing more professional help in getting the Xenforo layout/style close to what YOU want. Yes, they claim "Easy Styling"... That's complete bull.

Please - Take a few minutes. Tell me what aspects (please be as specific as you can) that you like and want to see carried over. Example: Many people liked it when I put in a "bottom navigation" link bar.

There currently is no equivalent to the "fileslist.php" script which I had written for here. Todo10 has quoted me approximately US$500 to code a similar Xenforo script which I have approved. It is expected to be done in about 3 to 4 weeks. When the script is done and tested, the switch to Xenforo software will be made.

Tell me:

  1. What you Like about the current Elsmar Cove forum software.
  2. What you Dislike about the current Elsmar Cove forum software.
  3. What you would like to see.

Have you used Xenforo software somewhere else? Please let me know:

  1. What you like about Xenforo software.
  2. What you dislike about Xenforo software.
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Involved In Discussions
Thanks Marc for all you do!!!

I really like having the "Since Last Visit" option so that I can quickly catch up on any new posts. I hope this option will continue to be available.


Quality Manager
I don't know the new software to be able to give an opinion. Most of the message boards I used in the 90's were on ezboard and then later vBulletin and phpBB (I'm guessing all 3 have slowly died off). But I just wanted to say Elsmar is a great resource and if there's ever anything I can do to help let me know.


Not out of the crisis
Staff member
Super Moderator
Hi Mark - are there any forums using Xenforo that you can point us to so we might see how it looks? Perhaps the Xenforo people can give you some forums for us to peruse?


Captain Nice
Staff member
It has taken a while to decide to make the move (very time consuming and expensive), but within a few weeks Elsmar's forum will be running on Xenforo software.
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