JIS T 0601-1:2014 Transition Date



Does anyone know when the transition date for JIS T 6061-1:2014 is?
As reference this is the Japanese standard that correlates to IEC 60601-1:2005/A1:2012 (otherwise known as Edition 3.1) The transition date for the EU for Ed. 3.1 is Jan 1, 2018.

I've heard a few different dates so I'm not sure what to believe. Would love to see a reference to the Japanese equivalent of the EU OJ but I'm limited to English :(

Also, what exactly is the impact of a changing standard in the Japanese market? Is it like the EU where you lose presumption of conformity for existing products on the market and need to show that all products on the market meet the state of the art (the new standard). Or is it more like the US where the transition date indicates which standard is acceptable for new submissions?

Thanks all!
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