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Job Openings and Employment Opportunities forum - Who may post an Opportunity


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Who may post an Employment Opportunity

The administrators and moderators of the Cove have devised and posted guidelines (see links below) for ANYONE (with the right, power, and authority to advertise a job opening) to place a free listing here in the Cove. By “right, power, and authority to advertise a job opening” we mean the following minimum criteria must be met:
  • The person posting the job opening must be authorized by the actual hiring entity to advertise such an opening – this means well-meaning folks should not just copy listings from their newspaper or off the internet and reprint them here UNLESS they have specific authority from the actual hiring entity to do so.
  • The job must be real – no fishing expeditions to harvest resumes and personal information.
For everyone’s benefit (both employer and candidate), job listings which follow our suggested template (HUMAN RESOURCES and RECRUITERS: Suggested job listing template) will usually be the most efficient at producing bona fide candidates who are qualified to fill the position since both qualified and non-qualified candidates will self-select when there is sufficient information about the requirements and compensation to eliminate misunderstanding about the true nature of the position and what qualifications are necessary to competently fill the position.
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Thanks for reiterating and reinforcing the above policies, many of which came into existence long before most of us were around.
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