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Our shop is installing JobBoss and we have been having some problems with implimentation. We purchased the quality tool kit with it and just haven't had much help yet in really using it well. We still haven't even had our on-site visit yet so perhaps that will help a lot. In the mean time though I was wondering if anyone here uses it and would have any tips or sugestions for us.

We are a small job shop of 9 cnc machines. We would like to use the quality kit to record tool calibrations but are not sure exactly how to do it. We have used all the manuals and on-line training they provide, but we just don't see how to best record the calibration point results with it. All we know is that they recomend using the maintenence tickets for that, but how to enter the actual calibration results?

We also are just now implimenting AS9100 and are trying to use the CPA's in the JobBoss quality module. You can see how it's all laid out, but the day to day practical implimentation is a little murky, at least for us who have never used CPA'a at all before this even.

As kind of the point guy on our JobBoss project I would also be very interested in any advice or info anyone wanted to pass along on other points of jobBoss outside of the quality kit. Our implimentation with JobBoss has been pretty rocky so far I think it would be fair to say and I'm not even sure were real thrilled with the customer service we have had so far either.

Anyway, any help or info at all would be greatly appreciated.
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Two of my clients are using JOBBOSS and Job Quality and they are very happy with it. It took a little while to get the data into the system.
The system is simple and well structured. The linkage between JoBBOSS and JOBQUALITY is a benefit and helps companies track costs.

In terms of AS9100, I believe you will be all right with the system.



Thanks for the input Danny.

Does anyone else have any experience with JobBoss they would like to share?

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Hi, gibu2:bigwave:

It sure has been a while - a whole year. Are you still having trouble with JobBoss?

I've never used it - sorry I can't help.
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