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Joiners, leavers and movers

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I'm still a little confused.
I presume (correct me if I err):
The topic refers to personnel and how their activity in relation to the team (organization?) in starting, leaving, or changing functions needs to be addressed to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the team/organization and the products or services it provides.
If this is correct, it seems to me the presenter's first chore is to know the level of understanding his audience already has about the topic.

  1. Are they learning these terms for the first time?
  2. Are these managers and/or HR folks who are familiar with the terms and the ensuing problems which can affect efficiency and effectiveness?
  3. Are these security folk most worried about safety of workers and security of company assets and trade secrets?
In ten minutes, a presenter can either
give an overview of the one most likely way in which each activity can adversely affect the organization and a simple "inoculation" to try to prevent the adverse event.
discuss a case study of an actual event in the organization.
In any regard, out of the ten minutes, no more than one minute to 90 seconds can focus on defining the three terms in a manner satisfactory to the audience level of understanding; no more than two minutes each "event story" and, finally, one to two minutes to recap ("tell 'em what you told 'em")

Trust me - folks will be happy if you finish in ten minutes or less - don't rush; don't read from notes; have back-up material ready AFTER presentation, NOT before (or audience will ignore what you are saying if they already have materials in hand.)
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