Judge Orders Ford To Recall Cars



Here we go again!

Judge orders Ford recall

A state judge in California Wednesday ordered the recall of up to 1.7 million Ford cars and trucks, accusing the automaker of ''concealment of a dangerous condition.'' It was the first time a judge in the United States has ordered a car recall. The order applies to vehicles sold in California. The judge said Ford knew they were prone to stalling, especially when the engine was hot, but failed to alert consumers. The automaker already is involved in the recall of 6.5 million Firestone tires, standard equipment on some Ford trucks and sport-utility vehicles. The government is investigating dozens of deaths possibly linked to the tires.

Source: 10/12/00 USA Today

Ken K

Hopefully, this recall will go nation wide. It was a very poor design on Ford's behalf and a expensive one to fix (try to fix). I had a 1983 Ford Ranger with this problem. It decided to quit while entering a highway from an on-ramp. The bed was shortened 3 feet by the truck that collected me. I was lucky.
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