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From: Jag Kottha <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: REQ: Information management in ISO 9001 complient QMS/Kottha

ISO-9000 touches Information in quire a few elements.

4.1 It states you better (SHALL) Communicate your Quality Policy throughout your organization.

4.2 It states you better Communicate the whole system via Documentation, And Don't forget Quality Planning because people are going to make it as planned. You better communicate with them in some form of Quality Planning Documents. before they start making the product the right way.

4.3 You better communicate many times during the Contracting Phase both internally and externally

4.4 This is all about Communicating among all Design Engineers during the Design Phase.

4.5 This is all about communicating the Document Changes and Data Changes

4.6 We better communicate with our sub-contractors pertaining to their quality issues and our expectations

4.7 We better communicate the exact situation pertaining to the Inventory of their product on hand so they don't get upset.

4.8 We better communicate with floor personnel in the plant what we are making at different locations by TAGS.

4.9 We better tell our production personnel what we will be making by providing approved processes in the appropriate form of work Instructions for effective communication.

4.10 We better communicate the Test results for both internal and external customers

4.11 We better tell by tags which gages are calibrated and when.

4.12 We better tell which products passed and which products failed

4.13 We better tell our customer that we are ready to ship the product which is out of SPECS if they approve to do so.

4.14 We better tell our customers that we will do everything possible to assure future shipments will not have the identified problems.

4.15 We better tell our shipping personnel where to ship

4.16 We better tell our internal people where all the records are located

4.17 We better tell how we are doing on the Internal audits Via Internal Audit Reports

4.18 We better communicate with our employees what is expected of them when they start doing the jobs

4.19 We better communicate with our customers who just bought a service Contract what the terms and conditions are.

4.20 We better tell our customers internally and externally how our products are holding the tolerance during production.

I think ISO-9000 covered Communication aspect quite extensively,

In fact It is all about communication


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barb butrym

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absolutely....communication is a solid base of the standard, with out it...the standard DOES NOT WORK...glad to see someone else say that for a change...I usually get some sort of evil eye when i start preaching that <LOL>

4.1 Lets not forget communicate to Management review !!!!
4.15 And records themselves are a form of communication.

Don Winton

Communication is THE KEY. Without solid communication, the QMS will not work and is doomed to failure. Be advised.


Fully vaccinated are you?
Thing is - communication plays the same role in every aspect of life. What do marriage counselors tell you? What do shrinks tell people? It's ALL about communication all right!

Just a philosophical comment...
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