K-stand definition and more information about it



Hello all,

I am trying to find out some information about the "K-stand". I hope is a common term used in Automotive.

Let me explain it.

But first, we all know the Q-stand, which we can find it in Part history and some companies are using it on drawings also; is part of the PPAP documentation. When a major change is done like, new material, new concept, new supplier, etc. this stand is increased.

Ok. Now I am interesting in the K-stand. Is that stand that is used for molds/dies, which is different from part/drawing revision. This K-stand is increased each time something has been adjusted to the mold but not necessarily physically (e.g.: pressure, temperature, etc.). even the physical part is the same, the proceeses used to make that part are different.

Well, I don't know if others are calling this stand different then K. This is how I know it.

Some more information about this K-stand (how is used, when, where, what forms are needed from the supplier to state this stand) would be much appreciated.

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