K1, K2, and EV Calculations


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Quick questions for you folks:

1) When/ why did K1 and K2 change?

K1 for 2 trials: Was 4.56. Now is 0.8862
K1 for 3 trials: Was 3.05. Now is 0.5908

K2 for 2 operators: Was 3.65. Now is 0.7071
K2 for 3 operators: Was 2.70. Now is 0.5231

2) For EV, I have two formulas that get close to each other. Is one of them preferable to the other?

EV= Rdbar x K1
EV = 5.15 x Rdbar / d2

Thanks for your help.



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This is going by memory, so you should verify this. I think it changed during one of AIAG's MSA reference manual revisions. The reason for the change was the 5.15 multiplier was changed to 6, necessitating the changes to the k constants to obtain the same results.
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