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Keeping the test samples in after market nlight alloy wheel production

Hello Folks,

I'm not sure this section is correct place to ask this question. We produce light alloy wheels for after market. We have our own design and beside this, we produce some products for foreign dealers under their designs. I would like to ask that is it an obligation to keep the test samples. I could not find any requirement about this issue in related product standards. If there is any wheel manufacturer, could you please help me.
Thank you for your support Marc.
Wheel is safety part. Basicaly, in case of any accident for example can court demand the witness samples which belongs to model. Some of our wheels have KBA certification, I mean they are approved by TUV.

I would like to ask again that is it an obligation to keep the test samples or witness sample for definite duration or along the product lifetime.

Thank you in advance.
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