Kobe Steel material data falsification


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Please do not start controversial topics here. :D :D :D
It is not worth to discuss, when we had ignored other crime worth 30 billions so far.
In light of having to review hundreds of pages of material certifications, I hardly think thats a controversial issue. With major automakers hit, as well as aerospace, There is going to be a scramble to find all the material certs involved and re-review whether they can be used and if the meet the specifications. Just another thing to do to add to my day...


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This is a legitimate issue for open forum discussion. Kobe Steel has admitted the issue and other companies might have been impacted.


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I venture it was a joke. Thus the smiles.

But yeah. I suppose it just emphasizes the need to independently verify the material you use every so often regardless what the cert says. I am hoping we can "trust" US based mills.


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Sorry for my sharp joke. I was referring to common cultural origin of some of automotive liars, except this one with 30 billions check. This is highly controversial and unfortunately I expect next scandals due to "generation change".

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This is a legitimate issue for open forum discussion.
It most definitely is. Sebastian's comment was "tongue in cheek" as he used the emoticons to signify the humor attempt.

On the issue of falsified data, the most concerning thing is that this is a recurring issue. A few years ago, some suppliers in the Japanese aerospace supply chain were caught also falsifying data. One of the reasons why product safety and ethical conduct is now embedded in some quality management standards, such as AS9100 and IATF 16949.
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I think we're OK but I dont think the dust has settled. I was extremely suprised that Boeing was listed as affected. 10 years... wasnt anybody performing their material test validations ? Wouldnt the test validations vet bogus materials test reports ?? I just hope this doesnt lead to knee jerk reactions of more testing and monitoring.


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An international customer contacted us recently to make sure we're only using their approved vendors and not Kobe. Now I know why.
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