Korean Licence Holder - Importer - Distributor




I was wondering if the Korean License Holder (KLH) also has to be the distributor?

I don't think so, but I have read that they are always the importer. Is this correct?
If that is the case then when using another distributor. This distributor needs to contact the importer who will contact the manufacturer?

What if the medical device is software which is sold online?

Hope to have a fast answer.




The KLH doesn't have to be the distributor. In fact in more and more cases both responsibilities are split. Then the distributor is "only" taking care of the sales and marketing (I include logistic).
It is true that the KLH is also the importer but that doesn't mean he is the one clearing the products from the customs.
It's also possible to assign this responsibility to the distributor by contract.

Regarding software, even though it is sold online, a physical copy has to be provided to the user in the form of a CD, stick, etc...
The clearance is performed based on this physical format.

I hope this helps !
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