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Lab Accreditation Requirement


Ty Partlow

Is the following statement still in effect or do calibration labs have to be accredited by Jan 2001? "Due to a current lack of suppliers of accredited calibration services for calibration laboratories, compliance to QS-9000:1998 Third Edition laboratory requirements, 4.11.2.b.1, may be satisfied if the supplier has a documented plan to assure that, effective January 1, 2001, the supplier is fully in compliance with QS-9000:1998 Third Edition cl. 4.11.2.b.1 requirements." Thanks for your help


Sorry Ty, the statement no longer applies. The statement limits itself to Jan.1, 2001. If you are A2LA accredited however there may be a catch. Any outside source you had when you got accredited was given an approval by A2LA for the duration of the certificate (refer to your letter of approval). It could be argued that the lab is in fact an approved lab at least till the expiration of your certification (not that I like to argue with auditors or anything). Best policy is to find a source who is accredited. BTW - the provision for OEM still stands where there is no other source.
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