Labour Standards Assurance System Audits - Anyone had one?



Has anyone had a Labour Standards Assurance System (LSAS) audit conducted (Level 1 and upwards) to comply with NHS Supply Chain (NHSSC) Framework Agreement requirements? My understanding is that after gaining a NHSSC tender contract you have to have a third party audit conducted to their LSAS matrix requirements within 3 months. I know that the NHSSC conducted trials with Surgical Instrument suppliers in the first instance. Although LSAS requirements are not strictly the same as a SA8000 audit, it would appear that the audit body would need to hold this SAAS accreditation (such as Global Group or LRQA in the UK). It also all ties in with OJEU (Official Journal of the European Union) published tenders. Obviously audits cost money, which if you are a SME can have quite an impact. How much do these audits cost? Would it be worth even submitting a tender? Although being a bit of a niche area, any feedback would be appreciated.



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Hi Steve
Did you ever get anywhere with this? I would be interested in your experiences, by the looks of it being governed by UK law it should be fairly simple (famous last words)

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