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Laminate ESD Mats - Low resistance (RTT) readings


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I am in the process of testing my company's ESD mats. The vinyl mats here have been reading fine using a calibrated megohmmeter with 5 pound weights. Those have been reading between 10^7 and 10^9. Now I am testing the laminate mats we have here. These are 3 x 2 foot mats that have been grounded. I tested 4 mats and they all have a weight-to-weight (RTT) resistance of 10^5. Spec sheets on line for laminate mats have a low resistance of 10^6. Unfortunately these mats were purchased several years ago by a person who no longer works here so I do not know the actual manufacture or part number of the laminate mats.

Any idea why I am getting these low readings? (I'm suspecting it's not going to go over big with management to scrap and replace these.)

Ed Panek

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in the Navy we used ESD floor mats in our workspace. The CO insisted we wax and shine the mats for inspection. I argued the wax interfered with the performance of the mat. I was overruled.

Al Rosen

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Getting back on topic. The ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 Flooring Resistance Point to Point requirement is <10^9 ohms maximum. The standard states that the lower limit should be based on the value measured for product qualification. You may want to update your procedure. Look at ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 tables 2 & 3. The NASA WORKMANSHIP MANUAL FOR ELECTROSTATIC DISCHARGE CONTROL GSFC-WM-001 has the same requirement.


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