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Hi All,
My company (aerospace) has recently purchased a laser wire marking machine and contrast measurement system. We are a well established cable assembly manufacturer but are new to this process and this machine.
Understandably, Engineering and Operations have run away with all the excitement of a new toy, but it means I am now playing catch up trying to establish required controls before it arrives and gets put to use.
The machine is a UV-laser, mask marking machine and comes with the contrast measurement system and a "calibration block".

I am looking for a footing to begin establishing some appropriate controls, can anyone point me in the direction of some decent resources so that i can begin to understand the process and the nature of this type of equipment? Equally, if you have any experience or pointers then I am all ears.
I recognise how open a question this is, but I appreciate the input!


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I recommend reaching out to the manufacturer and requesting any documentation they could provide. Some things you should consider and plan for might include:
  • Legibility at all line speeds at which you would foreseeably run.
  • Legibility and durability/abrasion resistance on all materials on which you might use it.
  • Repeatability of measurement system under actual operating conditions (not under static conditions as a calibration block implies). Any operator influence (doubtful)?
I am certain there are more but these came to mind.
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