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Last work week due to immigration process, I'm feeling overwhelmed.



Hi to All,
I'm feeling overwhelmed because this coming week is my last week at work due inmigration process to US, The list to finish at work is very long and I don't think I will finish, a lot of things have been added by my boss to my initial list and also I'm training a new hire, one of my employee is on vacation (I'm doing part of his job) and also I'll have to finish training with my replacement. I want to leave the open doors to this company because is one of the biggest companies in the world, but too much to do and I don't have time.
I'll try to stay after work hours but I have a family to love and care. Hopefully I'll finish everything.
Any advice about how to handle with my boss that may be I will not finish the assigned tasks? As he doesn't have much expirience in QMS I think he think that everything can be done as quick as he thinks it.:magic:

Not to mention that this a big change in my life, a new city, far away (not too much) from family, leaving my mom that has a serious illness (she is in control now) but I'm still worried about it), and I absolutly can not delay this step in my life . How ever I see more opportunites for me and my family and a great future for my and mines. :bonk::):bigwave::agree1::thanx:
God please bless me.

Peter West

Hi QC Jewel

Firstly - as desirable as it is to leave with a clean plate, don't stress over it. You have so much more to consider coming up and you have to consider your own sanity ahead of work.

I would recommend drawing up a list of all the tasks and projects outstanding. Delegate to any new staff where possible - this may not be immediate but if there is no deadline on some of the jobs, you can recommend it is carried out by your replacement in 2 months time.

Most important - communicate. Let the boss know what won't be done, and estimate a timeframe for completion so they understand the scale of what is outstanding. Let them know you are happy to assist as much as possible but that tasks outweigh time so prioritisation of tasks are essential.

Sooner you do that the better - no-one likes surprises. If you are worried about the reaction, try and present it not as a problem, but as a problem WITH A SOLUTION. That way they don't need to do any imaginative thinking and will be less irked by the outstanding work (it will get done eventually just not this week).

Good luck with the move and the last week.


Thanks for your advice, I'll do today, good idea, first thing to do today, I appreciate, your time to respond.

Ronen E

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Good advice above.

Immigration is a complicated process, especially with a family. Save some good energies for the difficulties ahead.

Good luck,


I couldn't do my pending items list due fire fighting and now I have a new task added, prepare my area budget for next coming year before I leave the plant, I'm very frustrated! :(:whip:
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Thanks God,
I stayed after hours and advance on prepare the action item lista and send to my boss, I think I'm in better shape than yesterday.
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