Launch Readiness Review - Ford's LRR Supplier Pack


Hermann - 2011

Launch Readiness Review

I've been give a copy of Ford's LRR Supplier Pack, rev 6, dated 24.Jan 2001. At first glance, it looks a bit APQP-like but has only 10 review categories finishing up with PSW.

Funny thing is, I can't find it in FSN and some instructions for use would be useful.

Anybody else heard of it or use it? Maybe in North America; I supply Cologne.


Fully vaccinated are you?
I haven't seen anything on it - but I'm working with a transportation supplier in the US. Sorry I can't help.

Anyone else?


We are using it in the new B-car project, as probably you are also doing. LRR is a review of the whole project includind design, logistics, trainning, etc., so it deals with many more aspects than APQP does. In fact APQP is a part of the LRR meetings.

Ford is using this LRR process with what they call "high impact suppliers". There some criteria to considered a supplier as high impact: new process, new factory, high complexity of the parts, parts that affect safety of the vehicle, etc. If you are so "lucky" to be considered so, Ford will follow-up regularly the project in your company using this questonaire.

Hermann - 2011

Thanks. This confirms my worst fears!
There is actually an old version dated 1998 in FSN.
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