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Layered Process Audit Guidelines - The AIAG's CQI-8


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QualityPhD said:
You can download the guidelines for Layered Process Audits from the AIAG website. The document number is CQI-8.
My company has an AIAG membership, so I get access to all their stuff.

The CQI-8 is a fine document, kudos to the authors.

If you are totally new to LPA, or you want one complete reference, I suggest you buy it, it is a bargain.

If you are willing to spend a few hours searching the Cove and googling, you will find all that it contains for free.

Allastair Mitchell - 2011

LPA Guideline

Thanks to all Cove members responded. I downloaded the attachements and it is really helpful. I certainly dont want the AIAG coming after you Marc. I checked AIAG Website and our company will purchase it. Castor i trust yoyr judgement on it being a fine document.
Once again thank for all the resposes.
14 Steps to implementation...........

and not one of them is getting management's support to do it! Well, I guess if it's mandated by the customer, we'll just get on and do it! But that's hardly a 'Best Practice' if there's no step to 'sell' the benefit to management!

Just 'form a team', like we haven't already got a ton of stuff to do. I've implemented LPA and it's not a simple as Luminous/DCX/GM would have you think it is.

Sure, one DCX plant got a big benefit to implementing LPA - from 44% FTC to 90 something! But did anyone ask who planned and released such a poorly performing process that only gives 44% FTC??:eek:

The guideline is 'o.k' but in the 21st century it's a bit off in it's assertion (in 4 places throughout the text) that the reasons for poor quality is that 'people don't follow work instructions'............Deming is spinning in his grave, poor fellow:rolleyes:

And, have the people who wrote this stuff ever heard of the 'Hawthorne Effect'? What about the other folks who write and release documents which can't be followed or processes which don't give a quality result.......will an LPA find that??

By all means implement LPA, but be careful. Everyone pencil whips them and after a while the low hanging fruit gets picked and it's just another quality chore for the Manufacturing Folks to bear.......:(


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Re: 14 Steps to implementation...........

I was just wondering how many have had a chance to compare the old to the new version of CQI-8? I haven't gone in depth, but at first glance it seems like a change in attitude more than anything else. Has anyone spotted any requirement in it that is actually new?
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