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Layered Process Audits using Kamishibai Board

Could anyone help me with an example of implementing a LPA Program using a Kamishibai Board? I am struggling with how to complete audit scheduling using approximately 30 auditors (give or take), for 6 manufacturing areas, across 2 shifts without the use of any LPA software or Access Database. I am leaning toward scheduling auditors just by the day and not by specific area, and then they would choose from whatever audits have not yet been completed; e.g. the last person would only have one audit to chose from. These audits will be performed by salary personnel and our shift structure provides overlap with both 1st and 2nd shift. The logistics of figuring this all out with no automated tools and knowing it will need to be managed with minimal support is making my head spin. Any suggestions would be appreciated! (and I did check the previous threads and didn't really find anything to help me). Thank you!


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This was a while ago. Did you have any luck with this? We did this without software and I would be happy to help if you still need it.


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We found a board system at magnatag that worked well for putting audit cards and names up on a board in each area. My company does metal stamping, machining, finishing and light assembly so... 4 different boards. Here's the link to the board itself. T-Scan Visible T-Card Display System
The document control department maintains "audit cards" that point you to cells or machines and lead you to the appropriate process documentation to audit. Our system is combined medical and automotive so my non-automotive process audits are more of a hybrid between lean audits and LPA than a true Chrysler LPA system. Basically, extra audit questions like 6S.

The auditor names are vertical on the left side of the board. Across the top there is just enough space for two weeks (M-F). There are magnetic boxes at the very bottom that hold color coded t-cards. Yellow for level one (area supervisors/leads) and level two (process owners - engineers, direct managers). I have a different set of cards in green for executives and non-process owner middle managers. The execs have two slots that indicate shift. There are more colors to choose from if you need additional categories.

The auditors pull a card, perform the audit and place it on the board next to their name under the proper day. If there is a discrepancy written, a red dot goes on the audit card before they put it in the slot. Every other Monday, I take attendance and clear the boards. I note cards left over in the boxes and move them to the front. I manage audits/participation in excel. The discrepancies go into the corrective action system and are tracked that way. I report both discrepancies and audit participation to management.

Let me know if I can clarify anything.
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