Lead Auditor Class is Over (At Last)


Fully vaccinated are you?
Finished the Stat-A-Matrix course. Now I'm off to New York in the morning.

OK barb - you can tell me how you were laughing thinking about me being in the class now. By the way, the instructor said the tests were make more 'strict' in January of this year. Used to be 10% didn't pass but now the average fallout from each class is 30%. How pleasant to know it's harder than it was a year ago.

In reality I took the course from Excel 4 years ago. I looked at the book when I got back (no - I didn't pull it out before I went up to this course, though maybe I should have) and that Excel course was a wimp course comparatively. But - that was 4 years ago. I thought that course was a bear....

Did I learn much? With consideration to the fact that I've been doing implementations for quite a while, well, yes I did. Not in the interpretations area, but in general I gained a real close look at the 'other side' and how it operates. At the least, it made me wake up for a week. Up late. Quizes. Test. Work shops. It was a long week.

The class was a good class. Participants were pretty involved and we hummed right along. The instructors were good. One was especially good (Mike Held). The other guy was kinda slow (Larry Tweedt). Mike got everyone excited. Larry had a harder time pulling that off. I remembered a guy from long whom we called 'slow death'. Long story.

No one in the class would fess up to being there with the intention of making Lead Auditing (as it were) a vocation/occupation. All were from companies including Elizabeth Ardin, Maytag, NIST (!), and such. They were the majors that I remember.

Would I recommend the SAM course: Sure. I have no real complaints. It went quite well.

Now - the question is ---- Did I pass? I guess I'll find out in 6 to 8 weeks.....

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yes, I was thinking of you on Friday...NO I was not laughing. I took the course in 1994, then again in January this year...it was not a laughing matter....Noone there fessed up to wanting it as an occupation either....including me...LOL

Yes the tests have changed, and given less freedom to the instructor... and are changing yet again, I call it "boot camp" but since I have been auditing for money, I can say the occupation itself is a bear full time...luckily I only do it inbetween, and on my schedule....the travel gets real tired real quick.

Get your paperwork done, there may be some opportunities looming........



I'm impressed with your honesty and sincerity about the course, particularly your concerned about your passing the SAM's course. Well, I will also try to be candid; here I go:

I'm in a similar situation as you are: I passed a QMI Assessor/Lead Assessor Course, recognized by IRCA, in 1994, but I have not had the opportunity to practice my auditing skills since then. In the interim, I have been an ISO 9002 and QS-9002TE consultant and have been involved in an audit by SGS in one of my client's company.

Long, long time ago I used to be an active nuclear QA Lead Auditor (1976-83)in a vendors qualification program (vendors from USA, Europe, Japan and, of course, Mexico).

My question is how may I get in touch with registrars. I live in Chihuahua City, Mexico, where yes, I've have sent resume's to a couple of registrars (BSI and PGI), but nothing happened. Here in Chihuahua and Cd. Juarez there is a lot of opportunities with the maquiladoras, but, for sure, I'm missing something in my trials.

Any suggestion from you, Barb or other good friend up-north?


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Hector, perhaps you need to get a relationship with a smaller registrar through your consulting. Gain their respect through your work, and then they will offer you the training and audit time you need. One hand and the other so to speak. URS out of UK is very open to that, and is seeking global opportunities as they grow. the down side is you may have to visit other countries for your audits....but they do pay the auditors with proven experience or PA status through RAB or IRCA looking for lead status.

As part of their expansion program they do not charge travel to the client, except local from the closest international airport (i.e. accommodations and car)

barb butrym

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GEEZE,,,I didn't answer the question did I ?

email me for details on URS if you are interested. There is a directory of Registrars I believe, but I tend to do word of mouth recommendations. Try RAB. Or do a web search.


Fully vaccinated are you?

I can only echo barb. You have one hell of a lot of experience. I should think you would be able to find a 'sponsor'.
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