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I am practicing as an Internal Quality Auditor for about two years now. I attend a Training for IQA. As a trained IQA, I conduct an IQA Training on our company... (echo training) we document it. On our IQA Procedure, we indicate available auditors as employees composed of lead auditor and auditor. Then, here's my concern(s):
1. Would it be possible for me to consider my self as Lead Auditor by defining in our procedure that lead auditor are employees that was been trained and certified as IQA? Please advice.
2. Do I have to consider my trainees on the training I conducted as my IQA? Do they have to take an examination as a piece of document that will measure they capability in IQA? We already perform a mock audit in our company. Would that be enough to show our external auditor? Please comment.
Any feedback would be appreciated.
Thank you very much.
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If you perform audits, and perform the functions of a Lead Auditor during those audits, then yes, you are a Lead Auditor in that respect.

To become a certified or registered Lead Auditor certain requirements have to be met. Things like successfully completeing a certified Lead Auditor's course, perfoming a specific number of audits that meet specific requirements, acting as the Lead Auditor during specific type and numbers of audits and being observed by another Lead Auditor while performing the function of a Lead Auditor to name a few things.

I hope this helped.

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Vash...don't make things more difficult than they are.

Define what a lead auditor does, needs etc in your procedure, then document it. Internally you are in charge.

I typically set up a point system, and allocate points for # years industry experience, formal education, days of auditor training, CQA status, tag along audit time and so on.....then pick a point total that indicates lead auditor status. Serve as a "training needs assessment/analysis" as well as a training document. Re-evaluations for proficiency, etc...... and the trail for upgrade to Lead Auditor status all on one sheet..... never saw it fail yet.....note here it is not a requirement, just my favorite method..its clean, ties it up in a neat package...AND I feel it adds value ... a handy tool for the audit mamager/management Rep in planning the audit and choosing the team. Obviously the smaller the company the less value it adds.....

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Any chance I could get a copy of your form? I'm trying to set up such a system and would appreciate any assistance.


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Can I get one of the form you were talking here? I was in the position in developing more lead auditor in our company.
Thanks in advance.
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Thank for your contribution for this topic, I benefit from them. Could I get the form from you too?

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