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Good afternoon!

I'm new to the ISO world and have taken a liking for it! My experience is in the Automotive Component Manufacturing sector, primarily with Automotive glass as a Business Process Manager. Recently I have passed the CQI/IRCA Lead Auditor Training course for ISO 9001:2015, and have already been on two separate consulting jobs with a small, but reputable consulting firm which covered eight full days.

I have several other consulting jobs and third party audits in the coming year to work towards my certified Lead Auditor status, and looking for the best way to track my Audit hours.

So, my question is.
- What is the best resource to log audit hours and type?
- Is anyone willing to share a log example?

Thank you all! Looking forward to chatting more!


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You can do a web search for "IRCA Audit Log" and one of the top results is the page on the CQI/IRCA website that contains an online log that you can fill out.

I hope this helps! :)
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