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Lean Manufacturing Concepts Discussion



The why of lean thinking is driven out of competitive necessity. Conceptually, ignoring wasteful process is stealing cash from the bottom line.

Toyota really has demonstrated that currently, the old American manufacturing system is failing. Mass producing parts for the sake of making parts will ultimately lead to failure. Ask GM if lean thinking is successful? Ask Chrysler or Ford?

Toyota's business model is one of the primary case studies in how to be competitive finanically in North America anymore.


It's a good Thread & Discussion on lean will be benificial to us
Now days We had also started the Lean activity in our organisation, It will be helf ful to me.
Mainly you may be able to get most of the important lean concepts via many resources. During my 3 years experience what I can see is that the below are the mostly used lean concepts;

1. Continuous improvement
2. Andon
3. KPI

Apart from that operational excellence principles are widely used in industry along with lean six sigma concepts. If you are interested in an industrial engineering related career let me know, I have valuable resources with me.
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