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Captain Nice
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too many and/or too detailed documents
Long a problem...
From about 20 years ago...( Marc Timothy Smith - Accolades )

--> Subject: Results
--> Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 16:29:21 -0500
--> From: Anaren
--> To: Marc Smith
--> Well, as you anticipated, we "passed" with relatively few problems.
--> We had only 7 isolated non-conformities across 5 elements. Details
--> are in the attached file. The auditor said that this was a very
--> good result when compared to other registration audits he has
--> performed. All I can say is I am glad it was successful and Marty
--> said that she was happy to finally win! Once again, thanks for the
--> help. You're advice was extremely important. Especially important,
--> at least in my opinion, was your help in determining where we did
--> not need to document every last thing (by using training, etc.).
--> think that without this input, we would have spent a lot more time
--> writing things that we did not need and wasted a lot of peoples'
--> time. We were able to get the audit done in a year while we are
--> achieving record sales and profits. Who can argue with that?

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