Lean Transformation Project - Distribution centre in Europe



Hi All,

I am currently working on a lean transformation project in a distribution centre in Europe. They are in the process of implementing Lean and Operational Excellence (actually Lean has already been implemented, but they want to see more impact if they shift to Operational Excellence). My job is to check their current processes, see if the lean tools they are using are effective and see how they can transform Lean into Operational Excellence. This involves proposing new tools, making a roadmap for the next couple of years..

Most of my studies and readings focused on Lean in manufacturing and now lean in the service industry is a big thing. However I have not been able to find anything specifically on Lean in distribution.

Do any of you guys have experience in this field? I was hoping you guys could shed some light on this topic and if possible provide me with any documentations/interviews/case studies on lean specifically in distribution/logistics.

I hope you guys can help! Have a nice day!

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