Legal Register - Does anyone have an example of a legal register?


Richard W

Does anyone have an example of a legal register - or could explain how one is maintained.

I have a number of things we need to comply with

Packaging waste regs / WEE directive / product testing legislation etc. But all of this stuff is all over the place.

Legal register maintenance is on my audit agenda, so other than the fact I know it is a gap and will get picked up, I actually think it would be useful

Any Thoughts



Jen Kirley

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Hi Richard,

I did a search in the Post Attachments List - see the green button in the header - and found these two examples for you to look at.

I want to reassure you if I can that there's no one right way to make a legal register. It is just a list of the regulations and other (as in Legal and Other requirements) requirements such as packaging, delivery, temperature controls, and even chlorine-free for some specialty components and the substances they come in contact with. You could arrange them by type, by source, by reason... I see all kinds.

Reg Morrison

Richard, if you scroll down this page, you will find 5 similar discussion threads. The search feature in this forum is very powerful. Please try it.


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It depends on which country you are in and what type of business and do you want OHS and/or EMS. There is no such thing as a standard list of legislation, although certain pieces of legislation are common.
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