Less expensive way to calibrate multimeters such as a "Fluke"?



Calibration of Meters

Does anyone know of a less expensive way to calibrate multimeters such as a "Fluke" or other brands? We found an ISO "certified" standard that costs about US$5000. All the test instruments in our small lab and on the shop floor need to be calibrated to conform to ISO 9001(TE).

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barb butrym

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are you sure they ALL need to be calibrated? Not usually...and for which parameters? Set up a co-op with other small companies in the area...each pruchase one standard and share.....there are several ways around the expense.

Mike Jackson

The NIST traceable requirement should apply only to instruments used that will have an effect on the process or final quality of the product.
We use several types of DMM's (Model 10's, 12's, 77's) on the shop floor, but only the higher end models such as Fluke 87's are calibrated to NIST traceable standards, as they are generally used by our electrical/electronic instrument techs and will be used in troubleshooting process instruments or controls. For these calibrations I use Transcat Inc. (www.transcat.com). They will keep your schedules up to date, notify you by e-mail when an instrument is coming due, and they have excellent documentation. If you have an instrument such as a multifunction calibrator (Fluke Model 741 for example), it can be used to calibrate many different types of other instruments.
The whole key is to define where the instrument will be used before deciding on the type and frequency of cal neccesary.
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