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Let's Catch Up... what's happened to you since last June


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I've had a pretty eventful year...
1) Moved one town over to a lakefront house back in September, looking forward to our first summer on the lake as part of the community and have already acquired a couple of kayaks.
2) Left my last job and started a new one - I'm in my second week and am now a colleague of Gidget, but in a different division. Looking forward to having her come audit.
3) Discovered the joy of archery thanks to my son's interest. He's got a coach and shoots compound, I've been shooting traditional recurve for fun. We joined a club to have a good place to shoot in bad weather.
4) Joined a Karate dojo - Isshin-ryu - after my daughter talked me into joining her school. I haven't done martial arts since 1989 or so. My brain still thinks I can kick as high as my head, but my body says otherwise... ouch. It's fun though.

How have you all been and what have you been up to since June 2015?
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Ajit Basrur

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Lot of changes at my end. I left my full-time job and become a consultant for quality management systems, mainly supporting the Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Laboratories, and other FDA impacting organizations.

My current activities are a mix of working with clients and doing supplier audits.

I am glad that Elsmar is back :bigwave:


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Good thread idea...let's see...

1. Spent a week in Denver (but got to stop by the ranch again for the weekend!)
2. Spent a week in Shanghai...I'm now a premium access flyer, something I never wanted...
3. Chatted with ScottK (above) about getting together, but never actually did it (poke, poke)
4. Demolished the last remaining room in the house that hasn't already been rebuilt...this summer we finish! (and start over)
5. Paid off my company...I can really call it "My Company" now.
6. Booked our 17th anniversary trip (yup...back to the ranch...yay!)

The ranch:
The company: (and no, we're not ISO...)


Not a whole lot has changed for me.

1) Still at the same company, still the Quality Manager, still getting a paycheck
2) Still married to the same wonderful woman, my own personal goddess
3) Still playing acoustic bass guitar and cello in the same local acoustic rock trio
4) Still not riding my motorcycle enough
5) Started cleaning out my wife's grandmother's house last month, and the remodeling begins in earnest this summer
6) Planning to audition for a double bass position with a local orchestra for the coming concert season
7) Considerably less color in my hair these days (hitting the 50 mark this year)

Great to see all these familiar (screen) names back again. Hope everyone has fared well.
I think I am going to copy and paste PaulJSmith as his are very similar to mine:

1) Still at the same company, still the Quality Manager, still getting a paycheck
2) Still married to the same wonderful woman (how she put up with me for 26 years I don't know)
3) Still playing with little (fantasy army) toy soldiers.
4) Considerably less hair these days (hitting the 45 mark this year)
5) Still hate the sun (big ball of fire in the sky and I have an armed truce, I don't let it know I exist, it lets me live)


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Hello Elsmar! Long time no post.

I am still at same company but we are rolling out AS9100 in our sister company.
We are expanding our Training Department but keep getting HR applicants (Do they even read the job posting ?). Good days and bad days trying to maintain the QMS but who doesn't?

Glad to see Elsmar is back.:bigwave:


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My health is good, like my wife this is the most important thing. (we have no children),
I think I have to thank my wife, nutritionist doctor for this.
Unfortunately, knowledge of English worsens.
Since 1982 I have always worked for quality service as an inspector, quality manager, consultant , since 1994 only employee at the Quality System Management as quality System coordinator.
From a couple of months, however, I work for the Health and Safety Office. Really .... .another world, .the pay is less, but this is right, I know nothing in this new world
Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to meet any of you in a flesh-

From a couple of months, however, I work for the health and safety office.
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