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Let's Catch Up... what's happened to you since last June

Last November I transitioned from Quality Manager of my facility to a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt position, including 6 weeks of training to ensure my success (last week is coming up in June). I work in the Semiconductor industry and our customers can be pretty brutal, so after 3 years I was happy to move into a project focused role with my scope being our 5 US facilities that are in this industry. Couldn't be happier and my future with my company couldn't be brighter! :drunk:

Steve Prevette

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It's been a really wild 12 months for me. I applied for a Fluor corporate initiative called "Innovation Unwrapped" and was one of 48 from the 5,000 employee corporation chosen to attend a weeklong conference in San Francisco. Then got to work "for free" on an innovation project for Fluor way outside my usual workscope. Did end up analyzing an employee survey to see where to go with the project, and the "shark tank" has chosen to implement (yes I am being very non-descript on this since it is corporate sensitive)

Meanwhile, a coworker went to a new Fluor contract at Chalk Rive ON for the Canadian National Labs and they decided to have me set up a Statistical Process Control dashboard there. So far up to 760 charts. And they had already been using a copy of an Institute of Nuclear Power Operators SPC procedure that I had actually written. So, working one day a week for CNL.

Both Fluor B&W Portsmouth and Fluor Paducah are also customers, with a pretty extensive safety and corrective action management SPC scorecard in place at Portsmouth OH that I maintain from their data.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Savannah River CEO actually stated we are going to use SPC (took 8 years to get there) so there may be hope yet that I'll be accepted on my "home turf".

I picked up an outside job with Southern Illinois University at Carbondale to teach electronics courses on contract at military bases. I leave Friday to teach EST 340 at Jacksonville Naval Air Station. Rather interesting to be on a Navy base for the first time in 24 years. Teaching some Chief Petty Officers who want a 4 year degree before they retire.

And the model railroading continues. Was published in "Great Model Railroads 2015" by Kalmbach Publishing. I'll be at the Southeast Region NMRA convention giving a clinic on freight car forwarding statistics in June.

So, staying busy in other words.


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Hey all .... Some good and sorry things with me since last June. Part of life passing.
1. Lost my mother in November at her age of 85
2. Shifted to a makeshift apartment to get my apartment renovated ...still ongoing
3. Positioned as Lead manager, with additional responsibility to manage customer support
4. My son did well in the class 10 with 96.2% score. He is keen to take up science stream
5. Happy that Elsmar is back ~~~
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