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Customer asked for a level 1 PPAP Submission due to material source change. Are you required to retain samples even though their was no dimensional completed?
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Thank you for the clarification. They only wanted the level 1, but i just wanted to make sure I'm doing the correct thing from an auditor stand point.
I was told in an previous audit that a level 3 had to be completed even if we were only doing a level 1 or 4.


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If I was requested to do the same by one of my customers, I would retain samples to protect myself (& my company), so if there were any questions or accusations down the line, I would have samples to prove what we had made and what material had been used.

I had a case around 4 years ago where an automotive customer accused us of initially using an incorrect grade of material on a product, 5 years previously. The automotive company were threatening millions of euros fines for field failures and a product recall which we would have to fund, so I sent the PPAP samples from that initial batch and the FAIR samples from the other batches produced that year to an independent company for testing and the results were that they had all been made from the correct material, so I submitted this information to our customer.

The automotive company must have looked for someone else to blame, as they never mentioned it again.


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If it was me, yes absolutely.

You have absolutely no idea what the future may bring.
You may never look at those samples again, or they may save you from a whole heap of pain many years from now.

We have always kept physical samples from every PPAP and FAIR and over the last 11 years, they have protected us from 4 massive customer issues because we could prove exactly what we had made, and what material we had used.
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