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I'm looking to see what others have done when a Level 3 PPAP has been requested. We are thinking about having just a cover page for the Control Plans, PFMEAS, and Flow charts instead of submitted the actually documents. Have any other companies taken this approach. I know in the PPAP 4th addition it says those documents need to be submitted with the PPAP but we are saying those documents are proprietary.

Howard Atkins

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This is very common in Europe not to supply them.
You can always say that the customer can see them on site (Level5).
This can be a legal issue as you should have told them at contract review

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It's a discussion that needs to happen with your customer/supplier rep. It's not an unreasonable ask for you to claim proprietary information, which I've seen most commonly in the PFMEA. It's usually accompanied by a statement that PFMEAs are available for on site review as requested.

But be prepared for your customer to actually come on site to review them. I've also been allowed to review via webex.

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Sorry that I'm late to the PPAP party. I am in the US and work for a global company headquartered in Europe. Our standard PPAP is level 3. We use an excel template that has 19 sheets representing each document that is required by a level 3 PPAP. For the process flow diagram, control plan and P-FMEA we include these documents, but only show a header and footer. The body of each has a disclaimer "Proprietary Information - May be reviewed on site at the plant." We do not allow them to be shown via Teams or Webex because anyone could take a screen shot.


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FWIW, there is very little about most processes that is truly unique to the point that it is really proprietary. I have been in many plants with so-called proprietary processes that were nothing special, and were often technologically behind the times.

My recommendation would be to share the information (> 95%) that is not proprietary and redact the information (< 5%) that is truly proprietary.
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