Level 5 CQI Diploma in Quality (Assurance and Management)



Well, don't want to brag, but I've finally been awarded my CQI Diploma in Quality (Assurance and Management). While it was actually awarded in March and I got the certificate in June, I've been waiting for confirmation of the graduation ceremony to come through. While I am waiting for details I know that I'm going.

This has taken me 6 years, including one where I didn't touch QA or studies for a year due to being out on Ops.

The course is undergoing a massive change at the moment so if I had not done it in Jan's exams I'd have essentially lost all my modules!


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Re: Level 5 Diploma in Quality

Well done Olly, you are rightly proud of your achievements. :applause:

I guess the next question is, how will you put it to good use?


Re: Level 5 Diploma in Quality

I 'think' I have been applying the knowledge from it at work since it was gained. I plan to continue that trend. I will probably take a short break from formal education due to family circumstances in the next few months, but plan to do a Masters degree.

Thanks Colin


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Re: Level 5 Diploma in Quality

Congratulations! A lot of time and effort. My best wishes and have fun with the Masters program. Continual education is continual improvement.


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Re: Level 5 Diploma in Quality


just a curious query :eek: ...how does this certifications from CQI compares with ASQ?:confused:


Re: Level 5 Diploma in Quality

I'm not sure. As I say above the scheme is undergoing change at the moment.

Due to the structure mine was awarded under it is classed as a 'post-graduate' type qualification (Level 5). The new one is a bit lower as a level 3 and an under graduate qualification. They have not yet decided if the same post-nominals will apply.

The CQI is the British Version of the ASQ.


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Old post but congrats Pearsonow. I'm looking into the CQI and doing some of their modules if not the whole diploma.

How hard was it when you did it? I wonder if it has changed much with those changes you mentioned. Looking at it now there is a certificate at level 3 and a diploma at level 5. The diploma still includes some level 3 courses. It looks a good thing but did you find it gave you any benefits? I was wondering if it has any benefits over say other courses run elsewhere.

Would you have any advice for someone thinking of starting this qualification?

BTW did you start a masters? It has been a year since you said you were holding off on further study. If you have what course? Interested in what is out there really. BTW I got a masters in materials science on a full time taught course. A good experience and loved every minute of it, including writing up the thesis...once I had finished it of course. Stressful finishing it off with the deadline looming!!


I'd like to tag along to the poster above. I'm looking to improve my qualification and the level 5 Diploma in Q-Mgmt sounds like a good option for someone who's spent most of their career in Automotive Quality.

Can you please share your experience:
Did you do the course as distance or day release?
Did your employer help you with funding (or finding time)?
Which institute did you use - what were they like?

I'd love to hear some real info before I put the idea forward to my boss.
much appreciated!
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