Lindstrom MAL500 Series Curse



I have been working on some MAL500 series torque drivers from lindstrom...or snap-on...or cdi..depending on who you ask. They are adjustable drivers and usually I have an issue where I can get the highest setting into tolerance and the rest of the lower settings are out of tolerance, but when I get the lower settings into tolerance the upper setting is out of tolerance. This has led me to believe that there is a variable high/low calibration.

So, I am wondering if this is the case, are there a set of hi/low hex screws or is there just something wrong with this unit. Also, I've been trying to contact lindstrom, but they don't seem to keen on responding to my requests for a parts breakdown or calibration instructions, or at all. So, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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if they are simular to the Q driver(Snap-on) there is two Zero adjustments on under adjustment cap and one under the overlay. Span adjustment is made from the nut near the torque drive end. Note this is from years of trial and error. Nothing really in writing from the factory. Hope this helps
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