Line or Process Stoppage - Andon Authorities and Process


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Looking to benchmark from other's examples. We need to put a documented process in place in order to clear up some confusion regarding the process for issuing a line stoppage process (higher level Andon) including the approvals processes (line Supv, Eng, Qual, Exec). We have already in general an Andon signal when an issue arises, we triage the Andon within the work cell and determine immediate disposition, quarantine required, stock urge etc...

We also have a Non-Conforming Material Process, but again we are looking for a larger enterprise wide high visibility process to solve an issue (material shortage, quality defect, suspected issue)

We already have a documented quality alert processes as well as the approvals matrix for that process, but we are looking for the enterprise wide line stoppage and reaction process.



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Can someone help with this request?

We appreciate your willingness to lend a hand.
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