Linking Business Process Map with Sub-Process Process Map


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I am having difficulties getting the files off the thread. I am relatively new to this forum, is there something special that needs to be done to download a file?
U hv to right click, then "save target as" to a folder on your C drive.
It works all the time

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Hi there,
Nice forum lots here as far as I can see just having a poke around

One thing I am just starting is a Process flow on how to create a proccess flow to the right level. The level that has been decided on is the 'Activity' level so the business logic what is done within each process eg. send bill

As far as I see there is any more detail is too much and turns into a microchip of a flow eg enter customer name

Will share when I get there with this


It was enlightening to read Patricia's and Helmut's responses to each other and I learned a lot in this process and yes Patricia, I would give it you that your presentation was really very simple and yet very powerful. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Can you assist us with process flow of production and related departments within a blown film flexible plastic production enivornment

Thank you Hannelie
I realize this is an older post, but wanted to contribute to the discussion as I have recently dealt with improving a process map within my company's QMS. Attached is what I came up with and was well-received by my supervisor. The entire point was to illustrate process interaction between each department and related procedures. Each procedure box is linked to the high-level written procedure (I've removed those on this attachment, but you get the idea). Within the each of the written procedures, sub-procedures / work instructions / forms / etc. are linked as well.



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It's because of the value of a flexible hierarchical view, that I'm planning to migrate our QMS from PDF on SharePoint to a wiki-based system (either Mediawiki or Tikiwiki), where hyperlinks are a normal part of navigation. There is also a product out there called Skore which has process-mapping with an inherent ability to zoom in/out to various levels of process detail, which seems really cool; but for a small company like ours a wiki makes more sense.

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