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List of Level 3 PPAP requirements for automotive suppliers


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a bit more on this widely underappreciated, but very important idea of continuous open communications with the OEMs.....some OEMs have a document/application called a "Forever Requirement", (other OEMs have similar tool/document)....sounds pretty ominous, but in its simipliest form it "requires" that "ANY" change to a process/part, no matter how insigificant it may seem...MUST be communicated with the OEM SQ, Release Engineer, etc., for discussion and where appropriate action(s). The Forever part = it never expires....pre-launch, post launch +90 days...etc. Briefly a US suuplier to one of the Japanese OEMs decided to make a change to a "rivet" on their own...of course the uncommunicated rivet change turned out to be a the root cause to a recall....
A question regarding "post launch +90 days". I know of this requirement but I cannot see where it is documented anywhere. I have re-read the PPAP ed 4, VDA 2, 16494 and cannot see it. Can someone please provide with documented evidence of the requirement to not make changes for 90 days after launch? Thanks in advance.

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