Location Interpretation on Drawing - Hole to Hole?



Please help me out here. The attached drawing has a 2.0958" dimension. I know the answer but how would you interpret this dimension from the hole at the bottom of the drawing straight up along the vertical axis or would you interpret as the distance directly between the two holes? The seems to be some difference of opinion here as to how that "could" be interpreted. Please weigh in on this for me!:bonk:


  • Location Interpretation on Drawing - Hole to Hole?
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I would end up calling the customer on this one, however if I had to make a decision, I would say it would be at the hypotenuses of the triangle (i.e. hole to hole as if measured with a pair of calipers).


The angle of the markings indicates the dimension is from center-of-hole to center-of-hole. If the measurement was supposed to be along the center line, those markings would be perpendicular to the center line.
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