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Location of features identified on Print - Feature out of location

This is a pretty simple question, and I -=THINK=- that I know the answer already, but would like to hear the thoughts of others who may have run into the same situation.

I have received a customer complaint for feature out of location. The feature is identified on the part print, with an angular position and a radial distance, both shown as basic dimensions.

So far, pretty simple, right?

However, there is NO OTHER CONSTRAINTS on this feature. No positional tolerance at all (anywhere on the print), no comments in the notes, no 'general tolerance' for unspecified or untoleranced positions - NOTHING.

With this specific example, is it reasonable to complain that a feature is out of position, when there is nothing to say how far it can be from the (nominal) basic position?

Jim Wynne

Super Moderator
No, it's not reasonable. This is why we do contract review, however. Someone needs to review drawings and other requirements before production commences.
Jim: In this case the feature in question is a laser-marked 2D barcode - the parts were compliant before, but I will agree that the barcode position has shifted over time. However, my query is whether or not this is a valid reason for rejection - if something doesn't have a positional tolerance, then it can't be OUT of position.

Cari: No, they haven't made a formal complaint yet, and if they do I will be reviewing their results carefully, and asking them how they can measure a basic dimension :)
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