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Hello guys!!
I hope you are doing well!
I'm doing my end of study internship in a QSE Department and I'm looking for a 5S tracking database (template) to work on. Could you help me pleaase.
I will be grateful for you.
Thank you in advance.

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Why do you need a database? That is counter to lean and TPS. I know - “it’s your internship and ‘the boss’ wants it so you have to do it...”
companies that have a real 5S ‘system’ do not track the program in a database. The team leaders, supervisors and mangers routinely walk the line and observe the workplace for cleanliness and order. If something is not as it should be - they require correction immediately. BUT you have an assignment: my recommendation would be to use a checklist like the ones used in restrooms. There are things to check and dates/times to be checked off. The checklist is posted on the back of the restroom door to record that the work and ‘audits’ were done on schedule. That’s not a database so the boss may not like that - use an excel spreadsheet. But I will add that using an excel spreadsheet is waste that inhibits flow. Just sayin.


A lot of companies use mobile audit software to track 5S audits for various reasons including ensuring mitigations are completed, corrective actions tracked (if required) and looking at realtime audit results to identify trends. If you do a Google search for ease 5s audit template you should see a link to an Ease page that has a list of 5S sample questions as well as a link to a 5S audit template.
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