Looking for a consultant to assist with CE marking self declaration

Looking for a consultant in the Seattle area for help with our CE documentation for self-certification (testing completed) and implementing a non ISO - QMS system. The process started but expertise is needed at a high level to get the major components in place.

Sidney Vianna

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I think you should clarify what European Directive(s) you are CE marking the product against, to narrow the field of possible consultants.

Ronen E

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If you are in Medical Devices field, I'd be glad to help.
I'm quite far away from the Seattle area :), but I think I can take you a long way remotely (maybe all the way - TBD, depends on the specifics). I'm also happy to visit on-site if we can agree on the terms.
Please feel welcome to send me an email if interested (address in my Elsmar member page).

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