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Looking for a good Six Sigma book

Hi there! I'm going to learn Six Sigma. Now as a beginner I am going with Six Sigma for Dummies book. What should I get next to improve business status? Any recommendation? Thanks in advance.

Bev D

Heretical Statistician
Staff member
Super Moderator
Six Sigma for Dummies is a horrible book.

For technical problems (Six Sigma) try these in order:
Steiner, Stefan H., MacKay, R. Jock, “Strategies for Variability Reduction”, Quality Engineering, Volume 10, Issue 1, September 1997 , pp 125-136Moen, Ronald D., Nolan, Thomas, W., Provost, Lloyd P., “Quality Improvement through Planned Experimentation” 2nd Edition, McGraw-Hill, 1999
Ott, Ellis R., Schilling, Edward G., Process Quality Control, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill, 1975

For "lean" try some of Jeff Liker's books but the most of the best literature on Toyota Production System is in Bob Emiliani's blogs....probably the best place to start...remember that TPS applies to human based processes.

Mike S.

An Early 'Cover'
FWIW, unless you are in a very unique position that 99% of people aren't in, I recommend you forget about learning six sigma.

Instead, concentrate on learning/mastering and using the basic tools of quality like Ishikawa's "basic 7". Also read Dr Wheeler's book "Understanding Variation", maybe also Mark Graban's "Measures of Success" , Davis Balestracci's "Data Sanity", and Dr. Deming's "The New Economics". Throw in Tom Peters' "In Search of Excellence" and "The Little Big Things". That's a good start.

I would gladly bet you $100 that the above will serve you much better over your career than learning six sigma.

Bev D

Heretical Statistician
Staff member
Super Moderator
I agree with Mike regarding the popular approach to six sigma. It’s really nothing more than a tossed salad of weak theoretical statistical tools, misguided statistical alchemy (capability indices, RPNs,etc) and foolish soft tools (fishbone diagrams).

Davis’ book and wheeler’s book are great references. The books I listed contain practical tools and methods that you will find immediately useful in solving problems analyzing data etc. all the things that six sigma purportedly does but in reality fails miserably.
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