Looking for a good Taguchi book-any suggestions?


Scott Thor

I'm looking for a good book on Taguchi. What suggestions do you have?

Simon Timperley

Hi thorman,

A long, long time ago (the late 80's) Tony Bendell wrote a comparison of the philosophies and tools of the major quality gurus for the UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).


Tony is an excellent writer and communicates it in layman terms, if you've not read it really is worth 10 minutes or so. In the same article he provides a further reading guide:


I've not read any of the Taguchi books he cites although the ones written by TB are probably a lot easier to digest for a westerner and might be worth a look.


Rob Nix

I went to a number of seminars on Taguchi methods in the 80's (some taught by Genichi's son Shin) where he provided the materials, which were very good (on-line and off-line quality engineering were the titles I think), but I'm not sure they are publicly available. I do think his book "Introduction to Quality Engineering" is published (available at Amazon.com), and that would be a very good place to start.

ADDITIONAL COMMENT: Ford began teaching Taguchi methods at it's "Ford Supplier Institute", or FSI which later changed names to the ASI (American Supplier Institute) which has a website -

What are Taguchi Methods?

That may be another good place to look.
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Atul Khandekar

Also try:
Quality Engineering Using Robust Design - By Dr. Madhav Phadke
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