Looking for a Quality Manual and all of it's supporting Procedures, Flowcharts



Hello All,
As a recent grad I'm kinda new to the ISO craze. I'm in a crunch to get up to speed on this stuff and it would help me tremendously if I could get my eyes on a real example of a QMS. I'm looking for info on where I could find a Quality Manual and all of it's supporting Procedures, Flowcharts, etc... It could be a real or made up company.

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Al Dyer

Check out the Premium Access area on the board and I'm sure you will find what you want.


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Hello Julian and welcome,

Couple of things for you.....

First...What you are looking for you won't find. You may find some quality manuals on line, but no one publishes their procedures or flow charts. We have worked tooooooo hard to develope those documents, and posting them completely online would allow others to "steal" what we have done. That is not to say that, as a community, the Quality Profession doesn't exchange ideas. That is what this site is all about, the exchange of ideas. :)

Second...If your looking for examples, visit the free files here. If you need some more detail, check out the members section. But I caution you, as will Marc, the owner of this site, that "canned" procedures don't work. Your compnay and it's enviroment is different from everyone else. Your QMS must be tailored to your needs. Otherwise you will spend way tooooo much time at this....

Good Luck!!!

Al Dyer

Thanks Carol,

Totally agree that doing it yourself is the best way. I wrote an entire Policy manual for a company once and still to this day know it better than the end users!

Why? Because writing, revising, documenting must be done by the people that will use the documents.

The "policy manual" is the easy part. Writing the procedures and work instructions is where we separate the girls from the women!



Ther are also some good example on the NASA web site (Ames Research Center). I strongly encourage you to review as many example as possible, there is no need to start totally from scratch. However, when you do the documentation for your system build it for your system. It important to build a system that fits your processes and culture. If you attempt to make your organization "fit" into someone else's procedures you will have a difficult uphill battle for system effectiveness. Pay up front with the extra effort to build a good fit system, it well worth it.
Good luck,
Russ K.


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I am guessing most of you know there's more to this site than the Forums. Back in March 1999 I posted this link under Some Resources for Ideas: http://arioch.gsfc.nasa.gov/iso9000/ for NASA procedures and such (see http://Elsmar.com/obsolete/iso9000_history.html ). At the time it was part of the 'main' ISO page - now the page with the direct link is linked to near the bottom of the current 'main' ISO page.

If you use different search engines, and you try some different key word combinations, you will be surprised how many companies and government agencies have their ISO procedures and stuff online and open to the public.

On the other hand, after 2 upgrades and 2 in process, we have had such insignificant changes that there are not likely to be significant changes to company procedures except in companies which use this as a chance to 'upgrade' some stuff that needs 'upgrading'. The requirements are just not that different - just re-arranged.

At this point it appears to me that you've still a lot to understand about ISO 9001.

I do want to put in a quick plug for http://www.isoeasy.org - they have some good free info. Of course, if you're looking for a consultant I hope you consider me... :bigwave:

I haven't read the article yet, but the most recent issue of Quality Progress has a front cover blurb (at the bottom) "NASA Blasts Off With ISO 9001". Must be another facility has registered but ISO 9001 is nothing new to NASA. :thedeal:
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