Looking for a Y-Shaped / 3-way Matrix Template (Excel or Visio)

I've searched Elsmar, ASQ, and asked all of the Quality folks in my office. Does anyone have a Y-Shaped matrix in visio or excel? I've lurked a lot here, but as I have not posted enough I can not include an image. The Y-shaped matrix diagram is basically a triangle that depicts the relationships between requirements, departments, and metrics.
Thank you Roxane. It does depict the relationships. I had set-up something similar in powerpoint.

Not to be too picky... I was hoping for something like the HOQ from QFD Online (I cant post the link b/c I don't have enough posts). Visio also has a good HOQ template where you can populate the data and identify relationships with data validation.
Hello Buck,
Did you manage to find anything on the Y-Matrix template you'd like to share? I desperately need one for a client. Thanks

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