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Looking for APQP Training recommendations preferably in the aerospace industry

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this Forum and new to Quality. Forgive me if this subject has been discussed recently, I searched as much as I could before deciding to ask this question with no luck finding anything recent. I'm looking to attend an APQP training course and would like to find a reputable company that would provide this training and preferably in the aerospace industry. Does anyone have any recommendations?


John Predmore

Quite Involved in Discussions
My recommendation is you read the guidance and training documents in the industry group IAQG's Supply Chain Management Handbook (SCMH) under item 7.2. International Aerospace Quality Group . This will not give you names of training companies, but it will give you vocabulary and background with which to search for the training you seek. SCMH also has webinars on the subject. You could search the Internet for training courses on the aerospace standard for APQP, AS9145.
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