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Hello Everyone,
I'm searching for a good substrate to use for calibrated tool shadow boards that will hold up well in a 'tough' manufacturing environment. The tools are in the open, on the shadow boards. (Calipers, micrometers, etc.) The tools are not in drawers. They need to be accessible, easy to grab.
Initially we tried using rubber floor mats (the thick durable kind made for standing for long periods)- that worked ok, but didn't hold up as well as we had hoped. I'm looking for something more durable that we can paint / color code. I see lots of foam materials on line, but don't think this will hold up well in our environment. I am aware of 1 plastic company that does this (plasteel). They are very friendly to work with, just looking to see if there are other ideas to try to minimize cost.
Have you tried anything else with success? Any suggestions on a good substrate? Thank you.


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Or even 1/2" or 3/4" plywood. Coat with a sealant paint and the paint your outlines on that.

I set up my workshop with pegboard about 20 years ago. Doesn't get the use yours gets, but cheap to replace.


I forgot to mention that our calibrated tool shadowboards are tipped (angled) on work station stands. Peg boards would not work as well as the cut-outs that hold the tools in place due to the angle.
But with all of this research, I guarantee my garage / workshop is going to be amazing. So many products out there for labeling, foam inserts, outlines, etc.
Thank you very much.


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All of our individual depts were allowed to create their own. All used wood, painted it white. One Dept got super creative and installed LED flashing/rotating lights around the perimeter! Lol! :applause:
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